Bandito’s Guadala Gunpowder Sauce

Bandito's Guadala Sauce - 125ml + 250ml

Definitely one of the hot favourites south of Mexico, but right here in Africa, this fine sauce is made with a mad variety of fresh red chillies.

Bandito’s Jalapeño Sauce - 250ml

Bandito’s Jalapeño Sauce - 125ml + 250ml

Fresh Jalapeño chillies – a whole variety of them – go into this scrumptious sauce that’s great with everything – except fruit salad and ice cream!

Bandito’s Habanero Sauce - 250ml

Bandito’s Habanero Sauce - 125ml + 250ml

Looking for something seriously spicy? This is it! A sizzling sauce made with habanero chillies – one of the hottest chilies around. Only recommended for the brave, the inspired or the insane. Warning: keep away from children and paintwork.

Bandito’s Peri Peri Sauce - 250ml

Bandito’s Peri Peri Sauce - 125ml

Made with African Birds Eye chillies The strongest hombre will love this sauce.

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